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Customized 32 inch Cypress Boiling Paddle  ***Local Pickup Only ***
RNS Woodworks Customized 32 inch Cypress Boiling Paddle ***Local Pickup Only *** $40.00 $60.00
This item is for LOCAL PICKUP of our custom paddles, if you are not local to the New Orleans area and need to have them shipped, please use this page: https://rnswoodworks.com/products/customized-cypress-boiling-paddles Our cypress boiling paddles start out as rough sawn Lousiana cypress planks that we buy from a local supply store. We first plane them to the perfect smoothness and exact thickness. We then cut them into 4" x 48" planks. From there they go onto the CNC machine where we cut out the shape, the inset for the bottle opener, and the hole in the handle. Once we get it off of the CNC machine it goes to the router table to round off the edges in order to provide a smooth, comfortable feel. The belt sander is next to shape the angle on the paddle end. We then sand down the whole paddle and make sure everything is nice and smooth. Onto the laser it goes where we add the personalizations that make the paddles truly personal items. One more fine sanding before we seal the paddle with food grade mineral oil, which not only protects the paddle, but also brings out the beautiful grain of this cypress wood. Last of all we install the stainless steel bottle opener and it is ready to send off to the customer. There are a lot of paddles you can buy out there, some cheaper than this one, some more expensive, but you will NEVER find one out there that is made with this much care to detail and quality. Even without the customizations, this paddle would be well worth the price you pay for it, the added value of being able to personalize is just lagniappe. Please enter the slogan you would like on the handle, the custom name to put on the paddle section, and choose from the available accent images which will go on both sides of the slogan, If you don't want any accent images, please select none from the list.  Below is a list of popular slogans we have used, but of course you are welcome to make up your own as well as long as it fits within the character limit (40 characters). It Aint Gonna Suck Itself Pinch, Peel, Eat, Repeat Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler Do You Even Boil Breaux ?  Who's Your Crawdaddy ?   If you would like a custom logo on the paddle section, or looking to buy in bulk, please email us at rnswoodworks70123@gmail.com and inquire about our different options.